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I totally get it. I think we've all crashed and burned at some point along the road. I began 52 Weeks of Print last year and, because of health problems, have had to postpone it - ONLY postpone, though. :) It will be resumed in the future. More than anything, I would LOVE to do a 365 challenge such as yours.

I follow August Wren and am so inspired by her dedication and creativity. Looking forward to following along with your daily paintings.

No laughing here. Well, ok, laughing at myself maybe as I have been contemplating a 365 project as well even though I have not been able to complete my first two attempts at Journal 52. 66 days may not be close to finishing 365, but on the positive side it is still an improvement over 20 days.

If I decide to run with my own 365, I might do a mish-mash plan. Everyday for most months, and then 1xWeek for the 3 months that I have crazy overtime at work. Knowing what my schedule is like for those 3 months has been part of my hesitation to get started.

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