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Megan! I just clicked over from Goodnight Little Spoon, and am so excited to discover your talent! Your artwork is so cheery! I'm also a painter and am really inspired by your pretty florals. Thanks for sharing!

Meg, I'm so excited to hear about your 365 project. I think the 365 things is a good compromise - some days you might feel especially inspired, and some days you just don't have the time. I wish I had allowed myself that little extra bit of flexibility - my tile project (365tiles.wordpress.com) might've ended with more of a bang :)

I was wondering if you were still willing to get together for lunch at Magnolia or coffee (maybe at the White Hart since it's opening again on Friday!?)

I also work from home, so I have a pretty flexible schedule. My e-mail is rdlprice@gmail.com if you want to coordinate something. Looking forward to meeting you and talking about painting and other lovely things.


Thanks Lindsay! I checked out your blog as well - great work!

Rachel - I'll email you :)

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